Author: Ieva Ūdre

Artist: Kristīne Niedra

Rhythmic worksheets are digital product. After purchase, you will receive a .zip archive file with pdf worksheets and a description of the worksheets. Rhythmic worksheets contain 10 topics. Each topic has 4 – 11 worksheets.

Topics covered: 1. Umbrellas 2. Letters to animals 3. Cars 4. Snowflakes 5. Mouse and cheese 6. Stamp 7. Sheet music  8. Fish 9. Hearts 10. Easter bunny


The purpose of the worksheets is:
● activate the child’s attention,
● develop rhythm listening skills,
● practice memory
● to master the graphic notation of sheet music,
● to develop creativity, to encourage the child to compose his / her own rhythm motives.
Worksheets have varying degrees of difficulty; they can be used for different age groups (from pre-school age 4 to primary school). They are made with various thematic content to supplement the song taught in the lesson or the composition listened to.

Recommendation – play rhythm motifs with different percussions, if possible, also with melodic
instruments (xylophone, piano, recorder, etc.). Worksheets can be completed by each child individually and
also the whole group together when the page is displayed on the screen. I recommend using one exercise in the lesson with
elements of listening, but the other through creative activity. After completing the tasks these rhythmic motives
can be used to create a different rhythm for the orchestra – dividing the children into groups and asking each group to
choose the right instrument. If the range of tools is not so large – it can be perfectly replaced with various
sounding gestures or movements.


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